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Office Delivery

Why waste your time going to the dry cleaners after work or on the weekend – when we can come to you?

As companies compete for the top talent, the employee benefits package tend to be the swaying factor between landing that top candidate and losing them.  Employee benefits have extended beyond insurance and 401K plans.  One recent additional benefit companies are offering is dry cleaning service at the office.  The convenience of making one less trip between home and the office is invaluable for people with busy schedules outside of work hours.

At Paradise Cleaners we help companies establish this benefit for the employees by working closely with your Human Resources Department or Office Manager to create a dry cleaning service process that best fits your company.  We can set up a no cost option for you while providing an invaluable benefit to your team members.

Do you wish to start service at your company?

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How it works

We Pick Up and Drop Off

We pick up and deliver on scheduled days each week. You simply drop off your personalized re-useable garment bag at your company’s designated location before your service day and we take care of the rest.

We Clean and Press It

We collect it, give it a good clean and press, and deliver it back to you on your next service day at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

You Look Debonair and Free of One Less Errand!

We take pride in our service and quality so you can look and feel great for any occasion. Scratch “go to the cleaners” off your to-do list permanently.