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Home Delivery

Why waste your time going to the dry cleaners after work or on the weekend when we can come to you?

You can enjoy our quality,full-service cleaning service without ever having to leave your home,paying the same great price as you do at our store.Paradise Cleaners will pick-up from your home and deliver your clean garments back to you in a personalized re-useable garment bag.

How it works

You Book It

With our simple booking mobile app, you can login and book your next pick up – that’s all!

We Clean and Press It

We collect it, give it a good clean and press, and deliver it back to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

You Look Debonair and Free of One Less Errand!

We take pride in our service and quality so you can look and feel great for any occasion. Scratch “go to the cleaners” off your to-do list permanently.

How to Start Service Today

Download the App

Download our CleanCloud App from the iOS or Android Store.

Create an Account

Input your contact information, preferences, and credit card info into our secure payment processing system.

Book your First Pick Up Order

Select the date and time you would like for us to come. We will confirm your order and you’re all set!

Call or Email

If you prefer, you can also contact us at the store or via email to register.